At The Private Home Care Agency Ltd, we are often contacted to introduce live-in carers to help and support people once they are discharged from hospital.

Live-in carers understand that the transition from being in hospital to being back at home can be especially difficult for clients that are bed-ridden and/or waiting on surgical wounds to heal.

Feeling fatigued and weak, losing one’s appetite – all the things we feel when we have been poorly – feel so much less awful when someone is looking after us.

Live-in carers will work alongside district nurses and other healthcare professionals to provide the support and care clients need when being looked after in their own home.

This will involve keeping the bedroom and bed clean and hygienic, managing personal care – toileting, washing, dressing, prompting or administering medication, providing meals and beverages throughout the day and evening, ensuring the client is adequately hydrated, liaising with other healthcare professionals and the client’s family, monitoring the client’s health and calling the GP or paramedics if there is a decline in health and offering companionship.

Usually, clients who’ve had to receive treatment in hospital long to be back in the comfort of their own home but, in order for this to happen, care needs to be put in place if people are not able to manage independently.

We will meet and assess the client’s needs with them whilst they are in hospital and liaise with the healthcare professionals in hospital who are looking after the client. We will then find suitable carers to introduce to the client and if the client wishes to proceed we will further liaise with other healthcare professionals; doctors, nurses in charge of hospital discharge, physiotherapists if applicable and occupational therapists to make sure everything that needs to be in place at home – is in place. We will then meet the client and carer at the client’s home and check that everything is in place. 

We will then continue to give support to the client and carer. The live-in carers are private self-employed carers who are paid directly by the client and we, as the agency charge an on-going agency fee for our support which we will discuss with you in person in more detail.

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