The Benefits of Live-in Care

At The Private Home Care Agency Ltd, we realise that many people are facing enormous difficulties and challenges and just not feeling that life is comfortable enough or running smoothly enough at home.

As we get older our mobility can decline significantly, our hands that have previously worked so hard for us become stiffer and sometimes arthritic, our short term memories worsen – sometimes affecting every aspect of our lives if we develop Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, our eyesight can worsen with conditions such as macular degeneration and cataracts, our hearing can fade, we can experience continence issues, a loss of appetite and strength and a feeling of general decline as well as loneliness.

Live-in care provides us with the security of knowing someone is always there and that they will open the curtains when we wake, lock the door and check the house is secure at night or if you go out, contact your family if there is an urgent health issue, assist you with all aspects of personal care whilst also respecting your dignity and independence, prompt or administer medication, ensure you are keeping hydrated, shop for, prepare and cook your meals and offer beverages throughout the day, keep on top of the house-work, organise any house maintenance issues that might arise such as a boiler problem or a leaking tap, liaise with health-care professionals on your behalf and make healthcare appointments for you, if possible take you out for the day or to meet up with friends,  look after any pets you may have, water the plants, ensure you have access to the radio and tv shows you like, assist you with administrative tasks and offer you companionship.

Private Home Care Agency

From a client receiving live-in care:
"Finding Private Home Care from a referral was such a relief after not having the best experience with my previous care. What was different and wonderful about Penny, was her prompt response and listening to what I felt I required. She's been able to match me to the best carers that understand giving high standards of care. Penny is exceptional in that she has made it important to her to help both sides, the family and the carers and she achieves that effortlessly. Random phone calls to check in on us are unexpected and much appreciated. I couldn't recommend her more and already have, to a few friends. She's both thoughtful and very likeable. I couldn't recommend her more."
Sally, live-in care client

If you would like us to visit you and discuss your needs in view to having live-in care provided by a private, self-employed professional carer that we can introduce to you,
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