The private carers that we find for you will offer full-care if you are bed or wheel-chair bound and need pads changing, assistance with using a commode or catheter and stoma bag changes.

Your private carers offer daily bed-baths and regular hair washes, assistance with showering and bathing and partial or full assistance with dressing.

Experienced with using hoists, slings and wheelchairs the private carers that we find for you will be able to get you up into your wheelchair or armchair or make sure you are comfy in your bed if you are no longer able to endure getting up.

Medication can be administered by our carers or they can prompt you to take it yourself.

Breakfast should always be a highlight of the morning and our carers will prepare or cook and serve your breakfast for you if you wish.

Morning chores such as cleaning away breakfast, laundry, cleaning of the bathroom or wet room, vacuuming, dusting and shopping can be completed by our private carers although sometimes the care needs of the client are so time-consuming that additional domestic help (cleaning) is needed.

Likewise, our private carers can shop for you, run errands or assist with taking you shopping or arranging transport so that you can take part in social events, visit friends or join clubs of interest nearby.  Our carers can accompany you if you wish.

Private Home Care Agency

On top, these private carers will be willing to walk dogs and feed pets, organise the delivery of medication and supplies or pick up medication and supplies.

If you or your loved one require a lot of care and if for example you or your loved one need two carers to help with hoisting and assisting you into and out of your wheelchair and on top you also need assistance with house keeping then we can arrange for you to have a team of private carers.

What our carers say:

"I worked in a hospital for ten years and, although I loved my job, I hated not having the time needed to spend with my patients.

"As a private carer, I am able to spend quality time with my patients, making sure all my jobs are done and they have my undivided attention.

"When my day is over, I know I’ve given 100%."

Danielle, Private Carer

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