At The Private Home Care Agency Ltd, we always approach things with great sensitivity as we know that sudden life-altering injuries and illnesses require a gentle approach from ourselves.

We are the people in the background initially – the people waiting to hear how our clients are progressing in hospital or the stroke unit – waiting to see if our clients would like us to visit them and meet with the doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and occupation therapists who are looking after them.

Once our clients have been told that they can be discharged from hospital or the stroke unit, they will ask us to arrange live-in care to coincide with their arrival home.

We will make a thorough assessment of their care needs and a thorough assessment of the living arrangements at home. The occupational therapist will prescribe the equipment – profile bed, hoists, stand-aids, commodes, bath-rails – whatever is necessary.

Our job is to put in the care -support which for rehabilitation is nearly always live-in care.

Private Home Care Agency

Once we have found suitable carers to share the rota, two weeks on/two weeks off, we will visit to check that you are happy with the care provided. The client of course will meet the carers prior to being discharged, unless there is a medical reason why this cannot take place.

I am always amazed by the progress clients make with the encouragement of their carers and working on the exercises set by their physiotherapist. I’ve seen some remarkable recoveries take place.

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