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When you ask The Private Home Care Agency Ltd to introduce you to two live-in carers to share either a one week/on/off or two week/on/off rota together you will be introduced to carers who not only have the right qualifications and experience but also the right personality fit.

Message from the Director:

“Every client and every carer is a unique individual but many share personality traits. I meet and speak with the client and their family as well as interview the carer so that I can make an intelligent match.

Clients that love to engage in conversation but equally like their space and privacy need to be with a carer with superb communication skills, empathy and sensitivity.

If a client loves to go out on excursions we of course find a like-minded carer who drives a decent car and can take the client out and enjoy a change in scenery. If a client has pets – the carer has to be pet friendly.”

Supporting as well as selecting

At The Private Home Care Agency Ltd, we not only introduce suitable, professional, private vetted carers but we support the client and carer continuously.

Any issue what-so-ever – however big or small – that either the client or carer wish us to address on their behalf will be taken on board by us. It’s useful to have a professional third person to smooth over any small problems.

The issues that have arisen have been things like – how much food of their own the carer can store in the client’s fridge or when is the best time to take a shower.

When a client suffers with dementia for example every step possible has to be taken to ensure the client feels comfortable and familiar with a new carer and the agency like to assist here by making themselves as supportive as they possibly can be.

We also review all our placements regularly to make sure that the carers and clients are happy and contented.

On this note we are very happy to say our customer/carer relationships are absolutely lovely.

Having two carers share a rota means the carers can cover each other’s holidays and sickness if it occurs. However, should additional cover be needed then it’s the agency that would arrange this.

Message from the Director:

“I speak to the carers and clients I introduce regularly so that wonderful professional bonds are formed. I work tirelessly to provide this exceptional service and I enjoy what I do. Clients are often in fragile health and their circumstances can change very quickly. As a small agency who knows our clients well – we are only a phone call or short drive away. We always listen, put in place urgent care if needs be and respond professionally and patiently at all times.”

The truth is that this brilliant service of matching and supporting clients and carers would not take place without the agency. The agency brings people together and gives invaluable support.

From a client receiving live-in care:
"Finding Private Home Care from a referral was such a relief after not having the best experience with my previous care. What was different and wonderful about Penny, was her prompt response and listening to what I felt I required. She's been able to match me to the best carers that understand giving high standards of care. Penny is exceptional in that she has made it important to her to help both sides, the family and the carers and she achieves that effortlessly. Random phone calls to check in on us are unexpected and much appreciated. I couldn't recommend her more and already have, to a few friends. She's both thoughtful and very likeable. I couldn't recommend her more."
Sally, live-in care client