Our job is to find you exceptionally competent, kind, caring, qualified professional carers. Rather than a multitude of carers looking after you, you will be assigned one or two of your own personal carers in the comfort of your own home.

We will assess your needs and make sure that the carers we introduce you to have the relevant qualifications and or experience.

The benefit of having your own private home care

Choosing one or two carers that you particularly like and feel comfortable with is surely preferable to being looked after by a multitude of carers? One of the benefits is that you do not have to explain your likes and preferences over and over again. You can establish a good routine which will get better and better with time.

With private care you can establish a good, professional bond with your chosen carer or carers. For many people, carers become a life-line. They are experts in their field and will go out of their way to make sure they give you the care you need.

Our carers are chosen for their ability, compassion, enthusiasm, experience, qualifications and reliability. You will be assigned one or two of your own private self-employed personal carers in the comfort of your own home.

Not only do we feel that you or your loved one would be best looked after by one or two carers but our carers would also prefer to look after one or possibly two people. This way they can settle into their role and make the job their own.

Private Home Care Agency

About our carers

Where have our carers gained their experience?

Many will have worked for managed agencies who offer domiciliary care or care in the community – calling house to house – and they are strictly regulated and managed by the CQC ( Care Quality Commision ) which is essential for people new to care. No one new to care could work without training, support and guidance.

Are our carers new to care?

No. None of our carers looking to be private carers, looking to offer private care, assist with the administration of medication and to assist with mobility are new to care. They have to have 18 months valuable experience and very good references.

Does the CQC regulate this agency?

The CQC doesn’t regulate private carers or introductory agencies like us who promote private carers. Private carers have in almost all cases worked for agencies or care homes in the past and these have been regulated by the CQC. They have had essential training and support and are now capable and competent enough to branch out and work for themselves.

What kind of qualifications do private carers possess?

In the past month alone we have had applicants who have degrees in health and social care, level 5 diplomas in health and social care and most usually The Care Certificate which is an agreed set of 15 standards that define the skills, knowledge and behaviour expected of specific job roles in the health and social care sectors.

Do you offer or arrange for training if your private carers need to do refresher courses or specialist courses?

As the Director of The Private Home Care Agency Ltd I am a great believer in education. I myself have a background in care and I wholly promote training and qualifications. When normal times resume and I hope that this is soon (please read the web page on coronavirus) I will be advising the private carers who apply to us to take further training if I feel it is needed. I’m always impressed when I see that private carers have taken specialist courses to further their understanding and I know that this understanding informs their work greatly.

What about live-in care? How much experience/skill do these private carers possess?

Some have twenty plus years of experience. They sometimes share the job week on/week off with another live-in carer and they adapt their own lifestyle to fit around this. They need, like daily carers, to be super reliable, steady, organised, fit and healthy enough to look after their client/clients and their house and occasionally dogs too!!

They need to be observant, responsible and incredibly compassionate and kind. Monitoring their client’s health and well-being is central to the job. Performing all the practical tasks is central to the job too.

Why would I choose to pay an agency to introduce me to a carer when I can just as easily put an ad in the newspaper or on-line?

People will do almost anything to save money and to save money on agency costs people will advertise for carers themselves – even if their knowledge of care is poor. Even when they don’t know what qualifications to look for or whether to check the employment references. Sometimes people are in a hurry and will hire whoever they can get hold of.

How does an agency help someone make such an important choice?

When it comes to finding care for a loved one you need to make sure that you know what you are looking for and that you know what questions to ask the potential carer? You need a thorough idea of what is involved and you need to be aware of the potential risks of hiring the wrong carer. With our background in care and understanding of the care industry we know what checks to make, questions to ask and also what personal skills to look for.

But, that isn’t the only thing your agency does is it?

No, we offer on-going support. Whilst we are happy to promote self-employed carers who get their own insurance and submit their own tax returns and are accountable for the care they offer we as an agency are here to provide support if that carer wishes to leave or cannot come in due to sickness. We provide sickness and holiday cover. Where possible we like carers to share the week so that they can cover each other if one is sick or goes on holiday.

Would there be an additional charge for replacing a carer or providing a stand-in carer whilst our carer was on holiday?

No, this is covered by our agency fee which we will discuss in our free consultation.

Is this the best way to find a private carer?

We certainly think so. We believe in our private carers and we believe that we can support the client and carer to make things as good as they possibly can be.

What lengths will we go to in order to provide the right private carer?

We will place an advert specifically for you looking at your location and your own personal needs and requirements. Our packages are tailor-made. Our checks and interview process are thorough.

The Private Home Care Agency Ltd is the next step for experienced carers and the first step for people seeking private care.

“I like being a private carer because not only does it suit my lifestyle, but it means I am helping the elderly and fragile and the people who just need a little bit of extra assistance stay in their own home.  At the end of the day, I really am making a real difference to somebody else’s life.”

Tia – Private Carer

What our clients say:

"I've been bed-ridden with MS for many years and the care I receive from my carers is second to none. They are absolutely terrific. They're always punctual, professional, friendly and seem to know how to handle anything. If anything is wrong,  they call the doctor.

"We have lovely conversations and they are both very dear to me. They split the week between them which seems to work for all of us."

Sandra, Private Care Patient

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