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Returning home from hospital

Returning home from a stay in hospital after an operation can be daunting and disorientating. Most often, we haven’t the energy we used to have and sometimes the procedures we had in hospital leave us unable to walk unaided, unable to reach for things we need.

Post-surgery and post-illness many of us can feel entirely reliant on the help of another person.

Factors to consider after a stay in hospital

  • Will you be mobile and able to move around your home?
  • Will you be bed-bound and unable to even plump up your pillows or fetch a glass of water?
  • Will you have toileting issues?
  • Do you understand when and how to take your medication?
  • Is your illness likely to progress or are you going to be on the road to recovery?
  • Have you been given a list of signs to look out for in-case you need further medical assistance?
  • Will someone be able to order or fetch your groceries or feed your pets and see to the house-work?
  • How easy will it be to manage on your own?

Who is likely to support you?

Your first choice may be a family member to help you but what happens if they have their own young family and work/career?

Maybe you have a willing partner but perhaps you don’t want your relationship to change with your additional needs?

Of course, there might be the option of respite in a care-home but most of us would prefer to stay in our own home, if at all possible?

What is the answer and is it affordable?

There are four main care options:

Daily Care – domiciliary carers who visit for a few hours each da

Live-in Care – full support, help and assistance around the clock

Night waking care – someone who can stay up and see to all the issues at night

Residential care in a care-home

We can organise daily care, live-in care and night waking care.

We introduce self-employed professional, trained, qualified competent compassionate carers who wish to work for one client.

Daily care

Sometimes this can be a carer who lives locally and is happy to just have a few hours of work a day. This can be a great way of introducing yourself to care.

However, when your needs are such that you need full support – live-in care is a wonderful option.

What our carers say:

"I worked in a hospital for ten years and, although I loved my job, I hated not having the time needed to spend with my patients.

"As a private carer, I am able to spend quality time with my patients, making sure all my jobs are done and they have my undivided attention.

"When my day is over, I know I’ve given 100%."

Danielle, Private Carer

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