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Our live-in care consists of two fees – one to the carer and one to us.

The live-in carers are self-employed and will be paid directly. They will negotiate their own wage and whether they wish to be paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Most carers opt for a monthly wage at the going-rate of £150.00 per day.

We aim to keep our fees as low as possible and this funds not only the introduction of carers but also on-going invaluable support. Our fee for live-in care is £16.00 per day of care or £15.00 per day for daily care and this will be invoiced monthly.

This table shows how much live-in care is likely to cost.

  Agency Support Carer Wage Live-in Care Monthly Total
Day Rate 30 Day Month Total Day Rate 30 Day Month Total
For two carers sharing the rota one week/on/off or two weeks/on/off £16 £480 £150 £4,200 £4,680
From a client receiving live-in care:
"Finding Private Home Care from a referral was such a relief after not having the best experience with my previous care. What was different and wonderful about Penny, was her prompt response and listening to what I felt I required. She's been able to match me to the best carers that understand giving high standards of care. Penny is exceptional in that she has made it important to her to help both sides, the family and the carers and she achieves that effortlessly. Random phone calls to check in on us are unexpected and much appreciated. I couldn't recommend her more and already have, to a few friends. She's both thoughtful and very likeable. I couldn't recommend her more."
Sally, live-in care client